LibertyOne Launches uBid New Zealand

Australian Internet content
company LibertyOne has rolled
out its online auction service to the New Zealand market, with the launch
of uBid NZ.

Open for business as of this week, the site will offer its auction service in
the areas of computer products, consumer electronics, sporting goods and

New Zealand is the second country to which LibertyOne has introduced
uBid, after the company secured an exclusive licensing agreement with the
US-based last July. LibertyOne
then began the rollout with the launch of in October.

Visitors to uBid NZ will bid for products with consumers from both
Australia and New Zealand. All bids will be in Australian dollars, with a
currency converter available to NZ customers.

As with uBid Australia, users must register first, and winning bidders
are notified by e-mail. Bids can be made 24 hours a day, and auctions last
two to three days.

uBid sells all products to consumers directly, preventing individuals
and merchants from selling products directly to consumers. The site also
provides a 21-day warranty to all purchases.

“In many ways, uBid is like a conventional retail store with the major
difference being that consumers ultimately decide what price is paid for
products,” said uBid general manager for Australia and NZ, Chris

The Australia/NZ uBid network uses VeriSign encryption to ensure digital
Ids are protected, and is a certified TRUSTe merchant.

The international TRUSTe group includes sites that adhere to established
U.S. government-developed privacy principles and agree to comply with ongoing
oversight and consumer resolution procedures.

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