Lieberman Rolls Out Tech-Centric Economic Plan

Calling for a return of the Clinton-Gore era of high tech prosperity, U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman (D.-Conn.) is proposing a tech-centric economic plan as part of his presidential campaign.

Speaking in San Diego Wednesday, Lieberman said his economic plan would provide additional tax cuts to help spur growth in the high tech sector, increase funding for the Tech Talent law to increase the number of science and engineering graduates, and accelerate the deployment of broadband Internet service.

According to Lieberman, the plan would provide an investment tax credit of 20 percent to encourage companies to purchase new information technology; eliminate capital gains taxes for new investments in small companies; double funding for the National Science Foundation to encourage research and development, make permanent the research and development tax credit; renew Americas commitment to free trade; and promote broadly shared stock option plans.

In addition, Lieberman would fully fund the Tech Talent law, which Lieberman helped author, to increase the number science and engineering graduates and invest in learning technologies at the K-12 level.

Liebermans plan also would accelerate the deployment of broadband Internet service, revitalize Americas semiconductor manufacturing, and promote an “e-society” to “revolutionize” health care, education, environmental protection, and other areas.

“We cannot know how many exciting and life-transforming inventions and creations will result from a sustained, national effort to unleash the innovative capacity of all our people,” Lieberman said. “We cannot even imagine the kinds of jobs we may one day create, or the fundamental ways we may change the look and feel of our homes, our cars, our neighborhoods, or our nation.”

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