Live Web Conferencing Service Launched

PlaceWare announced a live
Web conferencing service that will allow corporations to make graphical presentations to their
customers worldwide.

The PlaceWare Web Conference Hosting Service includes a virtual venue for the event, Internet connectivity, pre- and post-presentation support, pre-program tips, calendar planning and rehearsals.
The vendor said it will even arrange one-off events for corporations that do not
require a full-time server.

“The demand for our hosting service has been overwhelming, especially for businesses that have
intranets and extranets,” said Barry James Folsom, CEO and president of PlaceWare. “We’re finding that more and more businesses today are
starting to realize the benefits of Web-based multimedia conferencing. They
want the convenience of just being able to log in without having to worry about
the administrative details of setting up and maintaining their own servers.”

PlaceWare also offers network operating centers for hosting
conferences. Presenters can use a full range of tools, including
PowerPoint slides, streaming audio and video, white boards, and the World
Wide Web to send information directly to the desks of those participating in the
conference, said the firm. Internet audio is also available if companies have IP-audio installed
on their networks.

The cost of using the PlaceWare Web Conference Hosting Service starts at the
10-user level, with a fulltime 10-user conference costing $1,080 for one year,
excluding the PlaceWare server software.

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