Look Who’s Hiring!

The Northwest High Tech Career Fair , produced by 1-Jobs.com, is in its second day today at the Meydenbauer Center in downtown Belleve.

Seattle.internet.com was on-the-scene yesterday to walk the floor and get an up close view of the current job market.

One of the more popular employers present at the fair was the Boeing Company. At any given time, some 30 job seekers gathered around Boeing’s booth to learn more about current openings on the “information runway”.

According to Boeing Recruiter Stephanie Hamer, Boeing currently has a large number of Internet-related openings. “We are a global company. Just our Intranet alone has opened a pleathora of IT positions at Boeing,” says Hamer, who was recruited herself to target the large number of dotcommers that have parachuted from companies that have gone under.

At the Nintendo booth, which also seemed to be quite popular, seattle.internet.com caught up with Dan Isaacson. Dan, who is a 3-D animation and Flash programming talent, has been working on a freelance basis for the past year and a half. He even was recently in Iceland to work on a flash project. Now back in Seattle, he is ready to get a full-time job.

Mitchell Panzer, CEO of the Bellevue-based technical training institute: Strategy Computers believes that the job market for job seekers is full of action and the best is yet to come. “Just take a look at Monster.com, Dice.com and the print classifieds and see what kind of jobs are taking up the most real estate,”
says Panzer.

Panzer believes that while a lot of dotcoms have closed down, the big and strong ones are definitely here to stay. Plus, if a company like Microsoft is placing so much focus on their .NET platform, it is clear that a 2nd wave of dotcom action is on its way.

According to Panzer, his training company is not just attracting students that want to get into the industry, but also people who just need to keep up-to-speed.

And what are some of the more popular programs at Strategy Computers? “The Web Specialist and Tester programs,” says Panzer. The courses usually last about 2-3 months and students take on real-time projects to get real-life experience.

The Northwest High Tech job fair is also a great opportunity to check out some new companies on-the-scene. Dotcast Inc, for example, is a Pre-IPO startup based in Mountain View, California. However, they have a satellite office in Kent. Dotcast is developing a national high-speed digital network for the distribution of digital entertainment, interactive services and multimedia communications. Their Kent openings include everything from Webmaster to Senior Broadcast Engineer for their wireless engineering division.

One company is not just on-the-scene to look for talented big thinkers, but also to unveil its new name: Ontain. Formerly, Elaho Wireless, Ontain delivers Mobile Transaction Infrastructure to retail merchants that allows consumers to order and pay for for goods and services using wireless devices. By the way, Ontain is looking for a Software Engineering Lead and a Database Engineer.

The expo also features several seminars ranging from ” Getting into the IT industry: “What Employers Really Want in E-business Professionals to “The Follow-up: Getting the Interview and the job”.

The High Tech Career Expo will be open today from 11:00am-2:00pm and from 4:00pm-7:00pm. Admission is free. However, you do need to bring your resume.

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