Lotus Provides Workgroup Platform For Singapore ONE

Lotus Development AP and the National Computer Board (NCB) have collaborated to produce the latest application edition to Singapore ONE–Lotus Quickplace.

Quickplace permits corporate users to set up workgroups on the corporate intranet or the Internet.

“We are happy that Lotus is committed to adapting Quickplace to exploit Singapore ONE’s broadband infrastructure. Once online, Singapore ONE users will now be able to work together,” said Ng Kin Yee, assistant director of NCB’s Programme Management Office and New Media.

According to NCB, Lotus will add an application developers’ toolkit which will allow third party developers to add powerful broadband features.

“Quickplace enables Singapore ONE users to collaborate and deliver projects quickly and easily,”said Zacchaeus Boon, Lotus Development’s general manager in Singapore.

“This is the basis of the government’s drive towards a knowledge-based economy–the ability to harness the information within our minds and translate it into something cohesive,” added Boon.

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