Love is in the Air… or at Least Over my DSL Line

While Valentine’s Day may fill the hearts of some with joy, the site of happy couples gallivanting around with flowers and candy can be a nagging reminder to others that they have yet to find a special someone. Whether you are dating around, too busy to date, or just not meeting the right people, a number of local companies are aiming to make a connection online for you this Valentine’s Day.

According to a poll conducted on, a Seattle-based provider of online Picture Personals, more than half of members surveyed say that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they feel lonely.

Only 27.3 percent say they feel loved on Valentine’s Day, 8.1 percent feel annoyed, and 14.2 percent are apathetic.

The company hopes that by providing a forum for people to meet people they can bring the right people together for some Valentine’s Day joy.

“Truly, I think the reason most people are alone is that they don’t dedicate much of their time to looking for love,” says New York Times best-selling author and’s relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. “If they were to evaluate how much of their week is dedicated to looking for love, they may discover that as much as they long to meet the right person, they are doing very little about it!”

With many people wary of traditional venues for finding romantic interests, CEO Duane Dahl believes that the online environment provides a great place to look around.

“’s picture personals are a great avenue for eligible singles to specify what they’re looking for and to put themselves out there with the full intention of finding a compatible partner,” says Dahl.

What happens though, when the object of your desires passed you in the park yesterday, but you were too awestruck to ask for their number? Another Seattle-based company,, has a solution for such quandaries.

With the wide spread success of I Saw U columns in notable papers such as the Stranger, the Seattle Weekly, and New York’s Village Voice, the founders of took to the Internet to provide people with an online, locale-specific forum to safely express romantic interests to strangers or friends.

When sending what the site calls a Zonogram, you can select from such Valentine’s icons as cupid and his arrow, a Valentine’s heart with an arrow through it, a pair of hearts, and an angel, and then post a message to the special someone that you have been unable to approach.

Although, as one poster of a Zonagram, whose heading read: “I Hate Valentines,” points out, this holiday just isn’t for everyone.

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