Lycos Debuts Specialized Search, Offers Web Dev For Kids

Working with IntelliSeek, Inc., Lycos Inc. Monday launched Invisible Web Catalog, a searchable database of specialty search sources.

Invisible Web is an index of approximately 7,000 databases and sources that are not visible through traditional search engines, the company said. It contains sources that are not crawlable or contain proprietary formats.

Found in the “searchable databases” section of its reference section, the content was licensed from IntelliSeek for an undisclosed sum. Users can search specifically for information in categories such as finance, computers, jobs, travel, shopping and legal and government information.

Adding the database is intended to bolster the portal’s range of offerings, according to Lycos Executive Vice President Ron Sege.

“We have licensed IntelliSeek’s technology as part of our continued commitment to providing the best and most innovative navigation, community and commerce services to our users,” said Sege. “This has broad applicability, and will be extremely helpful to serious researchers and other advanced searchers.”

Lycos Monday also debuted a new site from its Wired Digital subsidiary — a version of its Webmonkey Web development site aimed at children ages 6-12.

Webmonkey for Kids is designed to target children who have an interest in the Web, It offers tools and lessons to teach kids how to design and publish their own home pages online. The Webmonkey team worked directly with children to develop the site in a way to which kids can relate.

“Kids today are growing up with the Web as a very integral part of their lives, and we feel it’s important to expose them to what’s possible with the Web today,” said June Cohen, vice president of content at Wired Digital. “Webmonkey for Kids does this in a fun and educational way.”

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