M-Systems’ DiskOnChip Selected for iBrow Net Appliance

M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers announced that the Internet Appliance Group, owned by Boundless Technologies, has selected its DiskOnChip as the local storage solution for its new appliance.

The solution will become part of Internet Appliance Group’s new Internet appliance architecture, iBrow. The introduction of iBrow marks Boundless’ entry into the Internet appliance market with a product that permits remote customized access to Web sites.

iBrow allows the user to access the Web instantly upon start-up, including direct access to a user’s favorite sites directly from the interface without requiring a PC.

For businesses, the device consists of a combination of both software and hardware that enables the Internet Web site to become the homeport for Internet clients. Currently, DiskOnChip provides all the capacity and reliability required for iBrow and iBrow-enabled devices.

Because of its scalability and cross-platform flexibility, Boundless said that DiskOnChip was evaluated as the most viable option for iBrow. The solution also fills the compact storage needs for multiple Boundless products.

A typical Internet appliance will store the operating system, applications files, data files and internet clients (i.e. browsers, e-mail, media players and security applets) on the DiskOnChip, which provides the capability to update these files as internet standards and applications evolve.

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