Mac Users Can Now Have a “Blast” Too

Disney’s Blast Online, the online service for kids which up until now has been available for Windows only, is now being offered to Macintosh users free of charge for a preview period.

The preview is part of a beta test that invites users to take advantage of the subscription-based service free of charge while developers test and
refine the product. Once the test period ends, users can sign up for Disney Blast for Macintosh at the regular subscription rates of $5.95 per month or $39.95 per year.

A credit card number still has to be entered to take advantage of the preview, however, although Disney said the step is taken to ensure parental consent and users are under no obligation to subscribe to the service after the beta test ends.

Disney’s Blast Online is an online service for kids that “features favorite Disney characters as well as new, Disney Blast-exclusive characters in an ever-changing array of games, stories, news, chats and other interactive activities,” the company said.

“In response to the large number of Macintosh owners around the world
who have encouraged us in our efforts to develop Disney Blast for their systems, we are thrilled to make this service available for Macintosh,” said Richard Wolpert, president of Disney Online, in a statement. “We are committed to support the Macintosh platform in future Disney Online

Disney recommends the following system requirements for the optimum Disney
Blast experience: Mac OS 8.0 (7.6 minimum); 200MHz Power PC processor (100MHz minimum); 32 megabytes of RAM (24MB minimum); 28.8-speed modem; and a 4.0 Internet browser.

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