Macromedia Buys Mobile UI Specialist

It’s a case of one fish, in the process of being devoured by a bigger fish,
devouring a smaller fish.

Macromedia, in the process of being acquired
by rival Adobe , has purchased Mobile Innovation, which
makes interfaces to improve the user experience of mobile devices like smartphones and handheld computers.

Financial terms of the deal were not made public.

Though it’s a lucrative proposition for developers, hardware makers, network
operators and content providers, tailoring applications and other forms of
software for mobile gadgets is a tough task.

The smaller footprint and
workspace makes it challenging to create applications or enable media like
games, music videos or films, on a smartphone.

Thanks to Mobile Innovation’s acumen in UI design and implementation,
Macromedia will improve its ability to provide customers and
partners with a platform for launching mobile applications and other forms of
rich media based on its flagship Flash technology.

Macromedia will use Mobile Innovation assets to create a mobile consulting
practice serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Mobile Innovation will integrate into the Macromedia consulting team, led by
Peter Lelliott. Mobile Innovation co-founder and CTO Matt Millar will lead
the mobile and devices practice for Macromedia in EMEA.

“Through Mobile Innovation’s solid background in creation and integration of
custom UIs for operators and handset manufacturers alike, we can drive an
even greater mobile ecosystem, as well as further enable our customers to
build value and great digital experiences on the Flash platform,” said Steve
Miller, vice president of Macromedia EMEA.

The San Francisco-based rich media software maker said the purchase is a
logical progression to the strategic partnership the companies inked in

Under that deal, Mobile Innovation uses Macromedia Flash as a preferred
development tool in place of C++ for creating UI applications for mobile

The U.K. vendor develops user interfaces for handset manufacturers and
network operators that demonstrate the advantages of using Macromedia Flash
Lite, a profile specifically developed for mobile phones.

Macromedia will also gain more inroads into Mobile Innovation’s solid
customer base, which includes top handset manufacturers like Nokia and
Samsung, network operators Vodafone and France Telecom and semiconductor
suppliers Texas Instruments.

The company has helped forge many devices based on the Symbian OS.

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