Making Some Lists

Since this is the season of lists, it seems appropriate that the last
StockTracker Daily of the week/ month/ year/ decade/ century/ millennium
(yes, I know this really isn’t the end of the millennium; I’m just swept
up in the hype!) features some lists of Internet stocks. Percentages are
based on trading through Wednesday.

In no particular order:

Top 5 Best-Performing Stocks In Q4

  1. Liberate Technologies (LBRT):

  2. Commerce One (CMRC):

  3. Active Software (ASWX):

  4. Ask Jeeves (ASKW):

  5. Accrue Software (ACRU):

Top 5 Best-Performing Stocks In Past 6 Months

  1. BroadVision (BVSN):

  2. Scient (SCNT):

  3. Proxicom (PXCM):

  4. Check Point Software (CHKP):

  5. White Pine Software (WPNE):

They Must Be Giants: Largest Market Caps

  1. Cisco Systems (CSCO):
    $363 billion

  2. America Online (AOL):
    $174 billion

  3. Yahoo! (YHOO):
    $106 billion

  4. Internet Capital Group (ICGE):
    $43 billion

  5. CMGI (CMGI):
    $33.9 billion

Show Me The Money: Revenue Leaders (Recent Quarter)

  1. Cisco Systems: $3.9 billion
  2. America Online: $1.5 billion
  3. (AMZN):
    $356 million

  4. E*TRADE (EGRP):
    $255 million

  5. IDT Corp. (IDTC):
    $246 million

We could go on like this into the next, well, you know. Enjoy the
celebration, be safe, don’t worry about Y2K and we’ll see you soon.

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