Marimba Offers New Castanet

Marimba Inc. Monday announced an
updated version of its flagship product line, Castanet, which includes
self-repair features, installation options and support for Windows 2000.

Castanet is an enterprise solution designed to provide infrastructure by
which companies can distribute, update, and manage applications and related
data over corporate intranets, extranets, and the Internet. Version 4.5
features new application installation policies and self-repair options, as
well as extensible inventory, subscription and reporting to automate and
simplify the end-to-end management of e-business applications across the
extended enterprise, the company said.

“Castanet is empowering our customers to meet their core business objective
of minimizing the time to market for key e-business
applications,” said Jacqueline Ross, vice president of marketing at Marimba
. “With Castanet 4.5, we expect customers to see improved control over this
process, resulting in faster installation, reduced downtime and a better
user experience for their customer base.”

Castanet 4.5 is scheduled to ship in February in both English and Japanese
language versions. U.S. list pricing for a basic Castanet 4.5 deployment
starts at $40,000.

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