MCI WorldCom AN Provides Local Network Services In Taiwan

Adding to its other Asian operations in Singapore and China, MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks(AN) is providing locally managed network services to corporate clients in Taiwan.

“Our launch is about expanding and branding MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks’ services,” said Dan Williams, director of international marketing and strategic global alliances, MCI WorldCom Advanced Network. “We are differentiating from the competition and historically from what we were in Taiwan.”

The managed network service provider has formed a strategic partnership with Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services (TTN), a prominent local networking and Internet services provider.

Through this alliance, dedicated and high speed dial-up access will be available in nine Taiwanese cities including Taipei, Taoyuan, Shinju, Taichung, Yuanling, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Hualien.

Williams states that Taiwan is a significant market because there are a large number of multi-national corporations operating there.

“What we are trying to emphasize is care for the global client locally,” commented Williams.

Specifically, the MCI WorldCom AN services provide local customer support, local sales distribution, integration, implementation and other solutions for Internet, intranet, VPN, hosting and e-commerce applications.

As one industry analyst describes, one hurdle for Advanced Networks is to avoid the confusion and bureaucracy caused by the emergence of its massive parent earlier this year after the merger of WorldCom and MCI.

However, Williams countered that Advanced Networks is specialized, highly mobile and can “drop in” its locally managed network services.

MCI World AN is prioritizing Asia and looking to expand its operations to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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