Media 100 i Designs Interactive Streaming Solution

Media 100 Inc. has launched a series of professional interactive streaming production solutions. Media 100 i enables Internet broadcasters, web designers and digital content creators to author interactive content designed to take advantage of the multidimensional, interactive capabilities of the Internet.

Media 100 i is delivering very powerful, interactive streaming capabilities into the hands of Internet broadcasters and web professionals so they can begin creating the interactive Internet today,” said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100.

“Media 100 i represents another breakthrough for the Company – we’re leveraging our award-winning Cleaner 5 technology to enable the hundreds-of-thousands of web developers and Internet broadcasters to create next-generation, interactive programs for streaming on the Internet. The future of the interactive Internet is here today with Media 100 i and we are well positioned to drive tremendous growth in this exploding marketplace.”

Media 100 i incorporates interactive streaming media technology from Cleaner 5 – called EventStream technology — that enables web designers to embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger visual, content-rich capabilities, including graphics, Flash animations and Java applications – all synchronized with the streaming video on the web site.

Using Media 100 i, web designers can define hot spots, URL flips and chapter marks, allowing viewers to interact with streaming media programs by clicking on objects to gather information, launch related web sites from the video and purchase items in the streaming video.

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