Medical Charts Now Available on the Web

In an effort to make patient records more accessible to both patients and physicians, Seattle-based Physician Micro Systems Inc. Tuesday unveiled Web View, a new feature for the ASP’s Practice Partner Patient Records and Appointment Scheduler which allows the records to be viewed via the Internet.

The feature allows patients to view selected portions of their charts, including future appointments, health maintenance status, and current prescriptions (with clinical notations translated into plain English, i.e. “QID” is translated into “4 times daily”). Web View also includes interactive features to allow information exchange between patients and their providers. New patients can fill out a registration form, and patients can request an appointment. The feature also gives providers and consulting physicians the ability to view patient charts online.

“Web View is an important step in providing patients with more access to their healthcare record,” said Andrew Ury, M.D., president of Physician Micro Systems. “By utilizing Web View, a practice can improve its communication with its patients, resulting in happier, healthier, more informed patients.”

Web View transmits data using encrypted XML and SOAP protocols as well as 128-bit SSL encryption for security.

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