Launches Multi-channel Wednesday announced the launch of a new InternetOnly SuperChannel,

Broadcasting in streaming video, features a variety of news, travel and lifestyle programs.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the world this exclusive window into Israeli culture and current events by broadcasting globally via the Internet. Whenever and wherever they choose, our viewers in the US and around the world can watch unfiltered, in-depth news coverage as well as the broadest range of features and information with an unfiltered perspective unavailable through other forms of traditional media,” said Jonathan Braun, chief executive officer of

The SuperChannel is comprised of eight niche specific channels which all focus on a particular area of interest pertaining to Israeli culture. They are:,,, ,,,,, and features audio news broadcasts in English by award-winning reporter Jay Bushinsky, and in Hebrew by his son, Aviv Bushinsky, a former spokesman of Benjamin Netanyahu. The channel also presents a daily news update from the Israeli consulate.

Utilizing leading-edge “iTalk” technology from TellSoft Technologies, the news broadcasts are available on-demand and are updated twice a day. and all of the channels within it are accessible through the network as well as through their direct URL’s. is the fifth SuperChannel to be launched under the umbrella.

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