Melbourne IT Launches Domain Transfer Service

Domain registrar and
e-commerce infrastructure provider Melbourne IT has introduced a
new service to handle the transfer process of large volumes of .com,
.net and .org domain names to another registrar.

Bulk Transfers is designed to automate the transfer of more than 100
domain names from any ICANN approved registrar to Melbourne IT’s domain
registrar business Internet Names Worldwide (INWW) in a single

Melbourne IT said the new service will provide a solution to any
level of “inconvenience and frustration” involved in managing and
consolidating large volumes of domain names with one registrar.

“This is the first bulk transfer service offered on the Internet
designed to take the hassle out of managing a large number of domain
names,” said INWW general manager Clive Flory.

“In the past, managing 100 plus domain names was a tedious and costly
process, as you had to manage each name separately,” he said. “This
service solves the problem by allowing you to easily transfer 100 or
more domain names to INWW without having to authorise or submit and
individual request for every domain – what’s more once transferred,
users can manage their domains online in real time,” said Flory.

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