Merger Creates Metafore Corp.

[Toronto, CANADA] CTI Solutions Group of Toronto,
MicroAge Group of Southwestern Ontario (SWO) and MicroAge Calgary will merge existing operations to form Metafore Corporation. The merger is expected to be completed by August and will create a national e-business solutions company that leverages the experiences and relationships of more than 500 associates in 10 locations and 13 satellite offices across Canada.

“Our three companies have been successful as computer solution integrators and have been servicing Canadian business organizations for the past twenty years,” commented James Alexander, president.

Metafore will combine the operational and infrastructure expertise of MicroAge Calgary, the knowledge enablement, application development and integration offerings from MicroAge SWO, and the network management and e-business practices from CTI Solutions Group.

The aggregation of this expertise culminates in Metafore’s delivery model, based upon anywhere, anytime availability of applications that drives value for their business clientele.

Metafore will retain its alliance with the MicroAge network in Canada to provide on-site service requirements, anywhere across Canada including, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Its new executive team consists of Bryant Jackson from MicroAge Calgary, Joe Vos and Ed Vos from MicroAge SWO, and Martin Lerman and James Alexander from CTI in Toronto.

The new company will be among the top five largest Canadian IT service organizations in Canada and one of Canada’s national e-business solutions providers.

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