Metastream Launches 3D Visualization Upgrade

Metastream Corp. Wednesday launched Metastream 3.0, the newest generation of its 3D visualization technology.

Metastream’s MTS 3 technology provides solutions to shortcomings with the
online shopping experience. It also provides interactive 3D models and the ability to explore colors, textures and features of products and to
personally configure choices in a compressed streaming file format. MTS3
includes a component that keeps track of aggregate user interaction with its
content to help e-merchants optimize content effectiveness and increase
consumer satisfaction.

New features from MTS 3 include:

  • Color accuracy, improved lighting, shadows and reflections effects
  • Interactivity and animation enable Web users to virtually “pick up”
    products, test out features, and customize products in a manner beyond what
    is practical in-store
  • Small scaleable files load streaming in the background – without requiring
    high processor or access speeds
  • Integration with other media types such as vector graphics, object movies
    and iPIX panoramas allows 3D objects to blend and interact with other
    elements and media types on a Web page
  • Component-based architecture enables an evolving platform that allows new
    features to be added and automatically downloaded without interrupting the
    end user experience

“With MTS 3 we now provide online merchants with a complete solution allowing
them to create a more compelling shopping narrative for their customers,”
says Paul Kadin, Metastream’s chief marketing officer.

“The clear benefits of
MTS 3 to online merchants will be a shortened buying cycle, increased online
consumer satisfaction and maximized return on e-business investments.”

In related news, Metastream inked
partnerships with America Online, Nike, Adobe, iPIX, Discreet, a Division of
Autodesk, Grey Interactive, Rare Medium and FCB Worldwide, to facilitate
broad adoption of Metastream 3.0.

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