Microland Launches Indian Technology Portal

On the back-drop of its huge Internet World India exhibition, Bangalore based Microland Group debuted its technology-focused community site, ITspace.com.

ITspace aims to be the resource destination of choice and preferred personal
networking platform for savvy IT decision-makers by offering a range of news, user-generated content, discussion forums and peer networking opportunities.

“By creating communities
of excellence, the Internet is dramatically altering the way specialists
across the world interact with each other, and keep themselves informed,” said Microland Group Chairman, Pradeep Kar. “ITspace is an important
milestone for the Indian IT community. It will enable our IT professionals
to get up the learning curve and make India a technological super-power.”

ITspace is divided into six sections including web applications, enterprise
management, IT services, manufacturing, finance & banking, and IT policy.

“ITspace addresses a felt need of IT professionals across industry segments,” said Vasant Kumar, Ranbaxy Director Strategic Planning
and CIO. “It also enables IT decision makers to access a wealth of knowledge to implement information technology programs for competitive advantage.”

ITspace is the official site for the India Internet World ’99
exhibition & conference, organized by Microland, a leading e-business solutions provider, in association with US publishing company Penton Media.

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