Sequoia Software Launches XML Portal Server

Sequoia Software Corp. recently unveiled Sequoia XML Portal Server, an XML-based tool which provides a new information delivery mechanism that shortens the search and retrieval process typical of corporate portals.

Sequoia XML Portal Server solves the problem of information bottlenecks while streamlining business processes.

The Sequoia XML Portal Server utilizes a patent-pending XML indexing engine that enables users to perform context-sensitive searches. This allows users to conduct searches that are “granular, accurate and efficient.”

The tool also eliminates drill down–the process of finding and piecing together fragments of data from multiple search results. This is done by providing users with customized “information snapshots” called Aggregate XML Objects (AXOs). AXOs are created by aggregating multiple, unique XML data elements into a new object that is representative of a users specific information requirements.

Sequoia XML Portal’s features and benefits include:

  • Flexibility the data exchange interface streamlines the process of connecting the Sequoia XML Portal Server to any business application
  • Integrated Database Connectivity Sequoia XML Portal Server incorporates Radians XML Xpress, an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool which enables easy search and retrieval of critical corporate information
  • Standards Compliant compliant with Microsofts BizTalk framework; developed to standardize XML documents, any XML data developed using the BizTalk design framework can be shared with other BizTalk compliant systems
  • Enhanced Personalization – personalization enhancements provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience for both administrators and end-users

The Sequoia XML Portal will be available in October for Microsoft Windows NT.

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