Microsoft Delivers Windows for Smart Cards

Microsoft Corp. Monday introduced
the Microsoft Windows Smart Card tool kit, which will enable developers and
clients to build a broader range of smart-card applications more easily by
utilizing a common operating system.

Windows Powered Smart Cards have a crypto-capable microprocessor and can
perform a number of usable applications, such as secure corporate log-ons
for Windows 2000; Web and phone authentication; medical data storage; and
debit, credit or cash transactions.

Also, Microsoft (MSFT)
announced a pilot program with British Telecom (BT) that will provide BT’s
35,000 mobile workers with one-touch remote network access from any device
through the new application.

“We see Windows Powered SmartCards as a key enabling technology to avoid
such pitfalls and enable one-touch remote access for
mobile workers. The Windows for Smart Cards operating system meets our
stringent security requirements and allows more of our employees to take
advantage of increasingly mobile and flexible work environments,” said
Steve Brown, head of smart-card development at BT.

Also, card issuers and programmers for Windows with Smart Cards may use
their expertise to develop a broader range of smart-card and applications
than they could with the existing smart-card platforms.

Solutions provided by the tool kit include:

  • Secure operating system: This gives the card issuer the control of a
    FAT file system with Access
    Controls Rule, an on-card Win32 API, language-neutral virtual machine and
    popular cryptos

  • Rapid application development tools: These include support for the
    Visual Studio(R) development
    system, a PC-based simulator for debugging applications, and a developer
    smart card with flash memory
    for prototyping

  • Sample applications: The availability of dozens of real-life samples
    that developers can simply compile
    and deploy rather than starting from scratch helps speed time-to-market

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