Microsoft Highlights Future Tech

By concentrating on developing advanced new technology, Microsoft’s research arm has contributed technologies that have made their way into scores of the company’s products. This week, Microsoft Research gave a peek into what it’s been cooking up at its Silicon Valley research center, showing off new technologies not quite ready for winding up on store shelves, but far enough along to wow. Datamation takes a look.

Microsoft opened the doors to its Silicon Valley research center here to show off the latest technologies it has under development. The show, called TechFair 2010 Silicon Valley, is similar to the TechFest events held at Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) main Washington campus.

Microsoft Research is the home to a lot of very smart researchers with PhDs and advanced training in very esoteric technologies who don’t worry about selling technology, just how to develop it; the product part comes later.

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Microsoft’s TechFair Previews What’s Coming Next

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