Fedora 13 Keeps Advancing Virtualization

Red Hat’s community Linux distribution, Fedora, is approaching its next major release, and with it comes continued development in its use of virtualization, courtesy of KVM.

Since jettisoning Xen virtualization, Fedora has focused on tightly integrating and enhancing its KVM-powered virtualization features. Datamation takes a look at what’s to come in the next iteration, Fedora 13.

Virtualization technology has long found a home in Red Hat’s Fedora community Linux distribution. Ever since Fedora 4 emerged in 2005, virtualization technologies have continued to advance in the distro and that remains the case with the upcoming Fedora 13 release set for later this month.

Unlike Fedora’s early virtualization features, which all leveraged the Xen open source technology, more recent Fedora releases have relied on KVM. New KVM performance and scalability features for virtualization will debut in Fedora 13 that will help to push the envelope for large-scale virtualization deployments.

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Fedora 13 Expands Linux Virtualization

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