Microsoft Hires Single Firm to Manage its IT

Outsourcing has become something of a bad word in many parts of the economy, viewed as sending American jobs overseas by cheapskate companies. But Microsoft isn’t sending any jobs overseas with its outsourcing agreement with Infosys. Instead, the company is consolidating from a number of outsourcing partners to just one firm, one that’s been around almost as long as Microsoft has. Enterprise IT Planet has the details.

Global outsourcing firm Infosys Technologies said it will take over much of Microsoft’s internal IT support, although the software giant downplayed the move as simple consolidation of existing outsourced functions.

“Infosys will provide Microsoft with IT help desk, desk-side services, and infrastructure and application support from multiple global centers,” said a statement released by the Bangalore, India-based outsourcing and consulting firm.

Under the terms of the deal, Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY) will provide managed services at some 450 sites in 104 countries worldwide.

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Microsoft Outsources Internal IT to Indian Firm

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