Microsoft Introduces MSXML3

XML is a hot topic of Web developers these days. Extensible Markup Language is quickly becoming an essential part of the web, as it allows designers to create their own customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations.

Quickly trying to keep up with the need, Microsoft has announced the official beta release of its newest XML parser, its third version of this year.

An XML parser is the programming component that implements the core XML standards and provides XML services to applications.

This version of the parser, MSXML3, increases XML conformance over previous releases by achieving a pass rate of over 98 percent using the Organization for the Advancement of Structural Information Standards XML Conformance Test Suite.

The test is a means to maintain interoperability for communication and data exchange through consistent use of the language.

It also extends support for the Simple API for XML programming interface, making SAX2 accessible from the Visual Basic development system.

According to Microsoft officials, one of the most requested features since the last release just two months ago was access to SAX2 from Visual Basic.

The final version is scheduled for release in fall 2000.

In related news, has learned that an XML Developer Day will be taking place in both Seattle and Portland later this month.

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