Microsoft Racing Ahead With Slate PCs: Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants the investment community to know that his company is serious about competing in the emerging tablet computer market. In fact, succeeding in slate PCs is “job one,” Ballmer declared at Microsoft’s annual meeting with financial analysts.

In that spirit, Microsoft is busy lining up partners for its slate push, such as HP, and is anxiously awaiting the debut of Intel’s ultra low-powered chips code-named “Oak Trail. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told attendees at the company’s annual Financial Analysts Meeting (FAM) at Microsoft headquarters Thursday that succeeding with slate computers is “job one” for the company.

Speaking to leading financial and technology analysts at the company’s annual day-long show-and-tell event, Ballmer discussed Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) plans in consumer technologies and gave particular emphasis to slate (also called tablet) mobile computing devices.

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Microsoft CEO to Analysts: Slates are ‘Job One’

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