Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack

Microsoft Corp. Monday released the free Bonus Pack for the Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 that includes a tool which enables users to convert MP3 files into the Windows Media Audio format, new skins and visualizations, and a tool to convert existing Winamp skins into Windows Media Player skins.

For the holidays, the Bonus Pack includes a visualization of a snowman that dances to music, and fans of Windows Media Player 7 can download a special animated, seasonal skin that offers streamed holiday music courtesy of MSN.

“We built the right software to make digital media easy,” said Dave Fester, general manager of marketing for the Digital Media Division at Microsoft. “Not only is the Windows Media Player 7 the best way for all users to enjoy digital media, the new Bonus Pack builds on this vision and offers an early holiday present from Microsoft to the many millions of people who have chosen Windows Media Player 7.”

The Bonus Pack and the special holiday skin are available for free download now through

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