Microsoft Selects Euroseek for Nordic Search Functions

Microsoft Corp. Wednesday entered
into an agreement with Euroseek to develop
Microsoft’s MSN and Internet Explorer region-specific portals.

As a result of the deal, Euroseek will be features on both Microsoft’s
search engines, which include MSN’s portals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and
Finland. Euroseek will also be built in to the search function in versions
3, 4 and 5 of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser.

Catherine Sahlgren, Euroseek managing director, said the agreement would
enhance its search engine branding efforts in the region.

“The co-operation agreement with Microsoft will result in more visitors to
Euroseek’s search engine and greater exposure for the Euroseek brand,”
Sahlgren said.

The companies expect that MSN’s four Nordic portals will receive over 30
million page views each month, while Internet Explorer’s reach should
produce 4 million page views monthly. Financial terms of the deal were not

Jens Gorne, MSN Sweden business manager, said expanding its multilingual
search services is the key to its growth in the Nordic region.

“Euroseek’s popularity and its experience of creating multilingual services
will provide our users with a well-known brand at MSN,” Gorne said.

Euroseek has an additional co-operation agreement with Microsoft securing
its inclusion Internet Explorer’s U.S. search engine functions.

Based in Stockholm, Euroseek’s portal offers search services in 39 European
languages. Its portal traffic accounts for 30 million visits and 110
million page views each month.

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