Microsoft Settles With Bristol Technologies

With much of the hype surrounding the Microsoft anti-trust case fading, the software giant has taken another step in extinguishing anti-trust concerns, settling yesterday with Connecticut-based Bristol Technology regarding litigation that began between the companies in 1998.

The litigation began in August 1998 when Bristol filed its lawsuit against Microsoft. The trial ended with a jury finding in favor of Microsoft on all antitrust claims and in favor of Bristol on one claim under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

In the past several months, the Federal District Court had awarded Bristol punitive damages for the CUPTA claim, attorneys’ fees and other relief, all of which is covered by this settlement.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but the claims of both parties are dismissed with prejudice.

“Bristol is very pleased with the conclusion of this litigation,” said Keith Blackwell, Bristol CEO. “This settlement is great news for the industry and Bristol because it allows Bristol to focus our time and resources to what we do best: developing excellent software and providing world class service.”

Officials at Microsoft were equally pleased to have the issue behind them.

“We are pleased to reach this agreement in order to put this matter behind us once and for all,” said Dan Neault, Microsoft’s director of business development for the platforms group. “Microsoft always prefers to focus our time and efforts on listening to customers and developing great software, and this settlement will help us do that.”

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