Microsoft To Launch XP in New York

By @NY Staff

In a show of support for a city battered by the destruction of the World Trade Center, Microsoft Corp. is taking its long-awaited launch of the Windows XP operating system to New York next month.

The event is set for Oct. 25th at the Marriott Marquis Theatre in Times Square.

The announcement, two weeks after terrorist attacks that leveled the twin towers, comes as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appeals to the city and the nation to get on with business as part of its recovery from the tragedy.

“Mayor Giuliani said that he wants New York open for business, and we’re responding to that call,” said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft.

“There is simply no place like New York, and there are no people like New Yorkers,” he said in a statement. “We are extremely excited about moving forward with our plans to launch Windows XP in New York on Oct. 25. While the city is forever changed, we want this event to help remind the world that New York still represents strength and determination.”

Giuliani, rarely if ever quoted in press releases from Microsoft, said the news of the launch is an affirmation of the business community’s continuing commitment to New York City remaining the business capital of the world.

“We welcome Microsoft to our city. It is another example of the fact that New York City is open for business.”

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