Microsoft to Unveil eHome Division

Microsoft Corp. Monday afternoon will unveil a new division aimed at furthering the software company’s
penetration of the average consumer’s home.

The new eHome Division, which will fall within the hierarchy of Microsoft’s Windows Division, will be introduced during the
company’s Silicon Valley Speaker Series at its Mountain View, Calif. campus. The new division’s goal is to extend the PC’s
capabilities to deliver home entertainment, communication and information services.

Microsoft engineer Mike Toutonghi will take the reins as vice president of the Microsoft eHome Division.

While the company has not yet revealed specifics of the products it plans to pursue, the division is expected to focus on some of
the technologies that have been introduced in Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates’ home — technologies which
include a digital music network and digital photography display devices. Many new eHome staffers were among the Microsoft employees
who worked on the technologies in Gates’ home.

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