Microsoft’s WebCourier Now Delivers Across the Atlantic

Microsoft has launched its MSN WebCourier service
in the UK, which offers “opt-in” delivery of
newletters on selected subjects to the UK’s 1.2 million
Hotmail users.

“The launch of WebCourier complements the existing Hotmail
communications services by delivering timely and relevant
content that is of interest to UK consumers, underpinning
our commitment in helping deliver ‘Everyday Web’,” said John
Stoneman, business development manager at MSN, UK.

“We want to provide Hotmail users with what they want, when
they want it, wherever they may be.”

Subscribers to the MSN WebCourier service have a choice of
six categories — business and finance, entertainment,
recruitment, sports, shopping and travel. Each of these
categories has up to five content providers, such as for finance, and for travel. Users
check boxes to subscribe to the newsletters they require.

Online sports and entertainment provider Datanet Group
provides information via MSN WebCourier from four of
its most popular sites.

“Our partnership with MSN is both a great opportunity for
us to build our customer base and for Hotmail users to
have instant access to our sports news updates on request,”
said Nick Roberts, commercial director of Datanet Group.

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