Mini is Big in Storage at CES

Mini-hard drives that can store music, data and maybe a few hundred files
from the office are in the parade of gadgetry at the Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas this week.

Creative introduced its new Zen Micro MP3 Players — in 1GB, 4GB and 6GB
models that boast having more song capacity and more features than the Apple iPod mini.
The Flash memory-based models go for $199 for the 1GB and $229 for the
4GB model, according to the company.

“Since we first shipped the Zen Micro 5GB model in November, we have
experienced tremendous demand and sold out in many locations,” Sim Wong Hoo,
chairman and CEO of Creative, said in a statement.

Hoo said the 5GB model of the Zen Micro enjoyed such a successful retail launch that the company quickly
rolled out the three new versions.

Meanwhile Memorex introduced the M-Flyer, the newest member of its
TravelDrive USB 2.0 Flash drives. It features up to 2GB of storage and read
speeds of up to 25MB per second and write speeds of up to 17MB per second,
according to the company.

M-Flyer also has a retractable USB connector, software suite,
scratch-resistant stainless steel casing and a number of convenient
accessories. Memorex said the sleek M-Flyer is a response to a growing trend in the
USB Flash drive category that has seen the digital storage device become
fashionable, much like cell phone products.

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