Movielink, Team on VOD

Online movie site movielink has signed a deal with entertainment site to offer a co-branded broadband film download service.

The new service will reside on’s Web site, and is part of
Movielink’s strategy to diversify its movie content delivery options.

Movielink currently offers customers the opportunity to download full-length
digital copies of movies directly onto their hard drives. The films then can
be watched either directly on PC screens, or on television with some cabling

Movielink is only available to online users with broadband access and offers
new movie releases for $4.99, with older releases available for $2.95 per

In operation since last November, Movielink is a joint venture of five of
the major Hollywood film studios, including, Warner Bros. ,
Paramount Pictures , Universal Pictures ,
Sony Pictures Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer .

One of the reasons the studios created Movielink was to
combat piracy of their film content on the Internet from non-sanctioned,
peer-to-peer swapping services.

It is part of the studios’ efforts to offer film fans an inexpensive yet
reliable download service in contrast to the free but unreliable and
illegally copied films from peer-to-peer swap sites.

The new co-branded video-on-demand offering provides
yet another means for the studios to generate revenue beyond theatrical film
releases, video-on-demand services over cable and satellite systems, DVD and
VHS releases to video stores, and direct marketing sales.

While Movielink has been around for only a few months, it is still unclear
how strong demand will be for a video-on-demand over broadband Internet
service. However, The Walt Disney Company , which is the
only major studio not a member of the Movielink consortium, said last week
that it will soon test its own video-on-demand film over Internet service
later this year. AOL Time Warner , which is a member of
Movielink, is also hedging its bets with the recent announcement that it
will license’s library of digital films for exclusive use by
AOL Broadband customers.

Financial details of the pact between Movielink and, a
division of Hollywood Media Corp., were not disclosed., which is considered a Web destination for film fans, is expected to
garner a percentage of fees paid for digital films downloaded. said it will now be able to offer its customers the chance to
“preview, download and watch contemporary and classic movies from the
comfort of their own homes. Users can choose from a wide range of genres and
titles, including big box office hits, independent and foreign films.” said users can go to the “Movie Download” section on the home
page and browse through movie categories such as “New Releases” and “Top
Downloads,” preview movies at no charge, and download and view their
favorite movies by paying on a per film basis. Users do not pay a
subscription or membership fee to use the service.

If a broadband user decides to download a movie, then the customer registers
and pays with a credit card number. After downloading the movie, customers
then can store the movie for up to 30 days. Once play is initiated, the user can
watch a movie as many times as they would like in a 24-hour period.

Copyright protections are built into the downloaded files, so that users
can’t duplicate or swap the movies with other users.

The announcement comes just days after Movielink was
slapped with a patent infringement suit by USA Video, who says the venture
is violating its patent.

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