MSNBC Partners to Grab Local Content, the joint venture between Microsoft and NBC News, reports that they have reached an agreement to incorporate local news content from an assortment of established local media sources.

Included in the deal are agreements with Web sites of the Eastside Journal, The South County Journal, and the Mercer Island Reporter.

The affiliate network provides local news content and links on from the Web sites of some 90 local TV stations and 11 print outlets in the U.S, as well as AP and Reuters wire reports in 37 U.S. markets.

The editorial staffs of The Eastside Journal, The South County Journal and The Mercer Island Reporter create local news content for their perspective Web sites and will allow for access to local content from the affiliate network.

In return, the local media outlets receive increased promotion and audience to the local papers’ Web content, as well as links to the homepage. The agreement aims to provide more in-depth localized content to users and increase the reach and brand of the local provider. also has a partnership with Pioneer Newspapers in the Northwest on their affiliate network.

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