MyWeb to Help Audit Web Traffic in China

The China Network Information Center (CNNIC) has announced that San Francisco-based MyWeb is joining CNNIC and other Web sites in China to
develop a unified system to professionally audit Web traffic.

MyWeb was invited by CNNIC, along
with, Netease, Capital Online, Legend and others in an effort titled “Unifying New Audit
Standards & Systems for Website Traffic”.

The aim of the initiative is to provide uniformity to the way
Web site traffic is measured throughout China.

The measurement methods to be used in these audits have been developed by CNNIC and
reviewed by all participating ICP’s.

CNNIC, the originator of this measurement effort, is a non-profit
Internet research institution formed to promote healthy and systematic development of the Internet.

CNNIC, which many advertisers and those operating in e-commerce environments regard as the
industry standard for tracking Web site traffic, provides user traffic reports on a weekly basis.

“We support the use of third party auditors 100% when it comes to the measurement of traffic levels
on our site,” commented TS Wong, founder and chief executive officer of MyWeb “A
uniform system of measurement will help separate the sites that are really driving Internet traffic in
China from those that are simply on the periphery.”

In a report published by the International Data Corporation (IDC) in October of this year, MyWeb
ranked eighth in China based on page views, having reached over 1,000,000 users after only three
months in operation.

MyWeb is headquartered in San Francisco, with operational and representative offices in
Singapore, Malaysia and China.

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