N2H2 Hits 14.5 Million Student Milestone

Seattle-based Internet access management company N2H2 Inc. Thursday trumpeted that it has reached a milestone of 14.5 million students using N2H2 filtering services in schools worldwide. The company also said it has successfully converted 62 percent of its education-based Bess Partner Program customers to a fee-for-service model representing more than $2.5 million in new contracts.

The company said this will enable it to reach a cash positive position by in its fiscal fourth quarter 2001.

“From day one our focus has been on ensuring students have access to the safest and most relevant Internet content available in schools,” said Phil Welt, chief executive officer and president of N2H2. “By establishing a customer base of more than 14.5 million students worldwide, we have strengthened our leadership position in the education filtering market and demonstrated that we have captured the trust of our users, as well as confirmed that this company will continue to put a high value on the future growth and development of our education program.”

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