Net Users Boycott Phone Fees In Israel

NetVision, one of the largest Internet providers in Israel, registered a
15 percent decrease in the number of surfers connecting to the Internet during
peak hours last weekend, testifying to the partial success of a boycott against rival ISP Bezeq.

The Net boycott was set for the 18th and 19th of June. The protest was against phone fees charged by local telecommunications company Bezeq, which recently launched its ISP services.

Calls to participate was sent out last week via e-mail as a ‘chain letter’ with each email recipient
asked to pass the letter on to friends.

Bezeq charges the regular phone call rate for an Internet connection, according to meter clicks. This has been a cause of consternation amongst surfers for years.

‘Heavy’ surfers pay Internet providers between $29 and $35 per month for unlimited Internet use, but their phone bills are charged according to regular rates. Therefore, anyone connected to the Internet for tens of hours per month, during peak hours, could receive an expensive bill.

Boycott organizers demand that Bezeq charge one meter click for an Internet connection.

Bezeq did not offer any response to the boycott.

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