Net2Phone Launches PC-To-Fax Solution

IP telephony company Net2Phone Inc. Tuesday rolled out Net2Fax, PC-to-fax software which allows PC users to send faxes through the Internet.

The solution works on a PC platform without requiring multimedia options, sends a single fax to multiple recipients and offers secure login for multiple users. Net2Fax claims the product reduces fax costs by up to 95 percent.

Net2Fax will use same account numbers as Net2Phone’s PC-to-phone software. Users will also be able to check their accounts online at Net2Phone’s Web site.

The faxes are carried over the Internet from the user’s PC until it reaches Net2Phone’s switches and are then routed over Net2Phone’s network to the intended fax machine. This process cuts long distance or international call fees, particularly in faxes directed to the United States.

“As more people move towards the use of IP Telephony, the integration of fax over the Internet will offer a superior communications model where there will be no barriers because of distance or cost,” said David Greenblatt, Net2Phone’s chief operating officer.

Net2Phone will offer a limited Net2Fax release to the first 50,000 users who sign up for
Net2Fax via the Net2Phone Web site.

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