Net2Phone Updates Client

Net communications provider Net2Phone
moved to outclass typical long distance communications Wednesday
with its introduction of Net2Phone version 10.

The software is free and can be downloaded from Net2Phone’s (NTOP)

Net2Phone V.10 enables free PC-to-PC voice conversation over the Net via
Net2Phone’s IP telephony network. Along with the new PC-to-PC service,
Net2Phone V.10 users can take advantage of Net2Phone’s low global rates for
PC-to-Phone service.

Those using Net2Phone’s PC-to-PC service must designate a Net2Phone virtual
number or nickname in order to be called by another PC. Future versions of
Net2Phone will allow users to receive calls on your Net2Phone, via an
actual telephone.

V.10 also features:

  • VoicEmail — provides a free voice-mail service for sending and receiving
    voice messages. VoicEmail allows users to send, receive, record and
    listen to voice mail messages from the Net2Phone V.10 client to your e-mail

  • ICQ Integration — ICQ registered users can now call their ICQ buddies
    with Net2Phone’s PC-to-PC service for free in real-time. In order to use
    the service, users can click on the ICQ button on the Net2Phone software,
    and select an ICQ buddy to call

  • PC-to-fax: fax any document on a PC via Internet telephony in
    real-time to virtually any fax machine in the world. Net2Phone V.10 also
    provides consumers and small businesses with some of the lowest rates for
    faxing documents to anywhere in the world

  • Firewall Penetration: Net2Phone’s new v.10 is now able to penetrate
    through most of firewalls on the Internet, enabling more businesses to
    utilize Net2Phone’s services at the enterprise level

  • Automatic Installation: The new Net2Phone download results in an
    automatic launch of the software. Previously, users had to unpack and
    install the Net2Phone software, but now the software launches immediately
    upon download

“Our users are now spending more than eight minutes per call using
PC-to-phone — almost double that of traditional long distance. We expect
that the improved quality and ease of use, combined with added
functionality and firewall penetration, will result in more users and
greater usage,” said David Greenblatt of Net2Phone.

Net2Phone makes it possible for people to place low-cost high quality calls
from their computer, telephone, or fax machine to any telephone or fax
machine in the world.

Net2Phone endured a frantic November in which it inked several deals with
and other major Net players. It agreed to allow AOL’s instant messaging
users to make PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC calls and access PC-to-fax,
fax-to-PC and conference calling services.

In addition to selling 6.3 million shares of its stock in a second public
offering, Net2Phone agreed to let powerhouse AT&T test its PC-to-phone
service for its WorldNet clients. The telephony company also agreed to
offer its calling cards on’s (PCLN)

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