Net2Phone, Yahoo! Make Connection

Net2Phone Inc., a provider of voice services to IP networks, Tuesday
began offering its voice transit applications throughout the Yahoo! network
of properties.

The newly installed service, Yahoo! Phone, provides telephone and voice
access to popular Yahoo! content, voicemail and e-mail. Yahoo! Mail offers
free voicemail; and Yahoo! Messenger offers free PC-to-phone calling.

“We believe consumers will benefit significantly from the integration of
voice products and services enabled by Net2Phone throughout our network of
properties,” said Jeff Mallett, president and COO, Yahoo!. “We have
established one of the most popular communication networks in the world and
these new voice offerings are the most recent additions to that.”

Net2Phone services will be promoted throughout the Yahoo! network. In
addition to advertisements and graphic merchant links integrated throughout
multiple Yahoo! properties, Net2Phone will participate in Yahoo! Delivers,
Yahoo!’s email direct marketing program.

The Net2Phone technology is already changing the way people communicate,
noted Howie Balter, chief executive officer of Net2Phone.

“By using our proven capabilities, technology, and experience, we can
completely redefine the way people think about communicating,” he said.
“Voice over IP is not about cheap phone calls — our strategy is to deliver
voice services to IP networks and change the way people interact with the
Internet using voice.”

Meanwhile, Yahoo! is certain to face scrutiny as the bellwether Internet company reports its profits for the third quarter after the market closes on Tuesday.

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