NetGravity Service Allows Web Sites to Better Target Users

Internet advertising firm NetGravity Monday teamed with marketer
MatchLogic to announce a new
service that will better enable Web sites to offer targeted advertising to
their visitors.

The Global Profile Service is designed to give online publishers advanced
consumer profile targeting capabilities by generating anonymous profiles
for online marketers. Due out in by mid-1999, it will be the latest tool
available in NetGravity’s AdCenter marketing management software.

MatchLogic, a subsidiary of Excite Inc. ,
will be the primary supplier of demographic data for the service. Aptex, a text analysis software
company, will also supply data for the service.

NetGravity realizes every site and advertiser has unique marketing
needs, said Rick Jackson, NetGravity’s vice president of marketing. By
aggregating multiple data providers, NetGravitys Global Profile Service
will enable the thousands of Web sites powered by NetGravity to better
understand their audience, and target advertisements and direct
marketing offers with greater precision and insight.

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