NetResults-CD Version 2.0 Ships

Innotech Multimedia Corp. is shipping
NetResults-CD v.2.0, its Java search and index application for Web content
on CD-ROM.

NetResults-CD is the first true multiplatform, multibrowser search and
index software for CD-ROM. The application can run on all platforms
supported by a Java Virtual Machine and can be accessed by any version of a
Java enabled browser such as Netscape or Explorer.

The application does not install any software on the user’s hard drive (it
uses temporary files) and automatically boots the CD without any cumbersome
installation. The tool kit provides an option to conduct a simultaneous
search on both the CD and the publisher’s Web site (or multiple servers).

It also offers customizable search applets through HTML parameters that can
be designed for a specific audience.

NetResults-CD allows licensees to publish searchable CD-ROMs and is priced
on either a royalty fee per CD distributed or on the basis of a term

Innotech is a developer of
index, search, and retrieval software with a suite of Java-based and 100%
Pure Java Web site, intranet, and CD-ROM products. Its publishing solution
is used by Sun Microsystems, JavaSoft, O’Reilly & Associates, Transport
Canada, among others.

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