Netscape Bundles Net2Phone In Browser

Communications Corp.
and IDT-subsidiary Net2Phone
Wednesday announced a multi-year global distribution agreement calling for
Net2Phone’s PC-to-phone service to be exclusively bundled with Netscape’s
browser, Netscape Communicator.

Net2Phone will be featured as a button on the browser Personal Toolbar. The
telephony service will also be highlighted on Netscape Netcenter, aiming to
attract users to make phone calls directly from their computers.

With the
incorporation of Net2Phone into Netscape’s suite of services, users with
one phone line can make phone calls and surf the Web at the same time. The
companies say users can save up to 95 percent in calling costs since calls
are placed directly through the Internet.

In addition, the companies said that Net2Phone will employ Netscape’s
e-commerce software for development of future
Net2Phone e-commerce solutions including Click2Talk, Click2Call Me, and the Net2Phone Web site.

“The implications of this partnership are tremendously powerful in that it
distinguishes our Internet browser by bridging the gap between the Internet
and the conventional phone system,” said Mike Homer executive vice president
and general manager of Netscape’s Netcenter division.

“We believe the future of telephony is linked to the Internet. By providing
integration of PC-to-phone with one of the top leaders in the industry,
Net2Phone will further establish itself as the premier provider of Web-based
communications,” said Howie Balter, chief executive officer of Net2Phone.
“Our partnership with Netscape provides significant value to the Web

“We believe that Net2Phone is a leading technology provider in the IP
telephony space,” said Marc Andreessen chief technology officer at Netscape.
“We are looking forward to the technology benefits that this strategic
relationship brings to Netscape.”

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