Netscape Provides Encryption Upgrade

Netscape Communications Wednesday unveiled an easy way for users to upgrade the encryption strength of their Navigator browsers.

Customers can swiftly upgrade by downloading a 36-kilobyte file from the
Netscape SmartUpdate

In the past, customers had to download a full version of the browser to
upgrade to U.S-grade encryption (128-bit) from international-grade
encryption (56-bit).

Netscape SmartUpdate is quicker, allowing users to upgrade in seconds and
making online banking, bill paying and shopping much safer because many Web
sites require 128-bit encryption.

Netscape’s goal is to attract clients concerned with security, which is the
number one concern of users conducting business over the Net.

“By providing this easy-to-install security upgrade for Netscape
Communicator, Netscape is helping to grow e-commerce and accelerate the use
and acceptance of online shopping, banking and trading,” said Bob Lisbonne,
senior vice president of client products at Netscape.

“This it makes it
easier than ever for Netscape Communicator users to enjoy a higher level of
online security and ultimately increases our customers’ confidence in

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