Netscape Rolls Out New Instant Messaging Service

Netscape Communications
Friday debuted an enhanced version of instant messaging on its Netcenter portal.

Netscape AOL Instant Messenger 2.0 enables users to conduct private, real-time chats. Users signing up for Netscape AOL Instant Messenger
2.0 will automatically become a Netcenter member and will have access to such services as faxing, conference calling, calendaring and free e-mail.

Instant messaging features buddy chats, Web search and neighborhood watch,
a privacy feature that controls who can see when users are online.

“With a growing community of over 35 million users in AOL’s Buddy List
Network, AOL Instant Messenger is one of the most popular ways to get in touch instantly with anyone in the world,” said Mike Homer,
executive vice president and general manager of Netscape’s Netcenter division.

In addition Netscape launched its instant messaging promotional
— the “Get in Touch, Stay in Touch”
sweepstakes. Netcenter subscribers are eligible to win resort
vacations in the contest, co-sponsored by Travelocity.

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