Netscape Technology at Deutsche Telekom’s Trust Center

Deutsche Telekom this week presented “ServerPass,” a service that provides new security functions for Netscape users.

ServerPass is part of a cooperative effort between the two companies. In the framework of cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and Netscape, Netscape servers will also be incorporated in Telekom’s Trust Center. Deutsche Telekom’s Trust Center uses Netscape server technologies to provide the scalability, reliability and security, vital to the structure and operation of this highly sensitive center.

Telekom’s client base and Netscape’s technological leadership intend to provide a secure platform for electronic business throughout Europe.

Greatly improving the security of business transactions between providers and clients or business partners, ServerPass is designed to allow authentication of the server to the client. It also ensures confidential information exchange between the SP and client in the transfer of ID numbers or account data, the company said.

Under special circumstances, Deutsche Telekom and Netscape can enable a 128-bit encryption function for the security functions in Netscape servers. This can be used without modification of the Netscape browsers on the market.

Deutsche Telekom also offers a series of security products under the “T-TeleSec” heading. Among these are trust center services, keys to smart cards and systems for the encryption of online connections and IP nets.

January saw the introduction of “Public Key Service” for new certification services which will make Internet communication and e-commerce transactions more secure. Public Key Service supports a legally binding exchange of electronic documents using a digital signature. It is the first product on the market to meet the requirements of the German signature law, the firm said. Together with ServerPass for ISP authentication and encryption, it adds certification services to the product range.

Deutsche Telekom AG had sales around DEM 70 billion (US$39 billion) in 1998.With 46.5 million telephone connections, it is the largest telco in Europe and the third largest worldwide. 17.7 million subscribers also make it the largest TV cable network.

The Telekom also has 10 million ISDN lines and leads with 7 million subscribers to its cellphone network. Three million clients with T-Online make it the largest ISP in Europe.

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