Network Appliance NetCache 4.1

Network Appliance Inc. Tuesday introduced its NetCache 4.1
streaming media appliance for distributing high quality streaming media.

With full streaming media support in NetCache, Network Appliance supports all
three major streaming formats: Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Windows Media and
RealNetworks RealSystem G2.

“The NetCache Streaming Media Appliance is designed to
help alleviate the delivery problems that plague streaming media today and
make broadcast quality streaming media a reality in corporate and service
provider’s networks,” said Amit Pandey director of NetCache marketing for
Network Appliance.

Based on the new NetCache caching architecture, NetApp’s steaming media
appliance automatically and transparently serves streaming media from the
edge of any ISP, content distributor or corporate enterprise network to
thousands of users while reducing the need to add more media servers and
network bandwidth.

The NetCache Streaming Media Appliance also supports all forms of standard
Internet traffic including HTTP, FTP and NNTP and enabling protocols such as
Web Cache Control Protocol (WCCP), Network Element Control Protocol (NECP)
and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP).

NetCache customers with
software subscription plans can upgrade to NetCache 4.1 at no additional
cost. Pricing for a NetCache streaming media appliance with one NetCache
streaming media protocol starts at under $10,000.

For additional product and
pricing information, contact Network Appliance directly (new sales inquiries
call 1-800-443-4537; current customers call 1-888-2-NETAPP).

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