New Alliance to Develop Public Internet Terminals

KING Products signed an agreement with Canada Payphone Corporation of Burnaby, British Columbia, and ATCOM/INFO of San Diego, CA to develop new public Internet terminals.

KING will supply Canada Payphone with flat panel touchscreen, multimedia
networked terminals that will enable public access to e-mail functions, the
World Wide Web, and electronic commerce transactions.

The terminals, which can also be expanded to include telephony functions, will incorporate kiosk applications developer ATCOM/INFO’s CyberSHELL software.

Canada Payphone, together with AT&T Canada Long Distance Services, plans to
market the new terminals to hotels, airports, train stations, convention
centers, and other selected locations across Canada this year.

“Consumers want access to their e-mail, their corporate networks, the World
Wide Web and online services while traveling away from home, and Canada
Payphone will be able to provide it for them,” said Stephen Niven, Vice
President of Corporate Development for Canada Payphone, which is poised to
become Canada’s first independent payphone company in a deregulated payphone

Toronto, Ontario-based KING Products is a provider of multimedia-enhanced computer telephony systems for public access to information, electronic commerce, and telecommunications.

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